Man Skin Care Tips: Problem with Wrinkles?

4:33 pm Contributed by JW

What if I told you that five years from now your face could look younger than it does today? I know that it sounds ridiculous, but exciting advances in men's skincare have made it possible for you to maintain your rugged lifestyle without suffering the aging effects of exposure to the elements. This means that you can continue to enjoy golf, hunting, fishing, camping and any other outdoor activity without worrying that the sun, wind and air pollutants are going to wreak havoc on your appearance.

We will explain in more detail in next few para with more medical and technical terms involved, but don't worry, you can decode those term from simple Google search. :)

Perhaps the most important natural ingredients in mens skincare for oily skin are Vitamin B5, also known as D-Panthenol, and witch hazel. These are two of the strongest natural healing agents and they provide "protection against sunburn, soothe irritated skin and repair the damage caused by shaving.
The logical solution for skincare for men would be to buy skincare with collagen and elastin in the ingredients since our bodies stopped producing them.However that is not the case. Men's skin is tougher and need to be treated with ingredients that are specially formulated to treat their skin. Most men do not care for their skin so it becomes dry, wrinkled and unevenly toned. I know a lot of men spend hours on end in the sun without any sunscreen protection.

There is one very fine source which helps your skin produce sufficient collagen so that it retains it elasticity and wards off lines and wrinkles from occurring. If you already have lines and wrinkles it helps to remove them. It also produces natural protein which encourages new skin cell growth and is known as the most effective anti-ageing substance there is.You will also need to find a natural substance know to protect the levels of hyaluronicacid in your body, this helps your collagen and elastin keep your skin young.

Drinking water filtered though a home water filter will prevent your skin from coming into contact with the chemicals found in our water supply. Installing a shower filter is also a good idea, as our skin's pores open up while showering in warm water, and it absorbs chemicals from the water at a faster rate in this condition.

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  1. Nursing Bras said...

    Great tips, will definitely advise my hubby likewise!! :)

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    Do you have any suggestions as far as shower filters?

  3. men's t-shirts said...

    More good stuff, useful tips

  4. vivian said...

    The topic is very informative. It’s true that men's skin is tougher than women. So men’s skin need special care. Natural ingredients are vital for their skin.

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