Man Fashion: Dressing vs. Body Type

7:57 pm Contributed by JW

Everyone want to look smart, and they ended with continuous searching for their own fashion style. But most of us have forgot the primary important element in fashion, ie. your body outfit. So if you want look smart then you need to know which type of outfit suits your frame the best and pick clothes that give your shape the perfect, well dressed look.

So you can achieve this fashion goal of looking great and thus, feeling good at all times by learning about men body type. In this article, we will give you some trendy tips about dressing right for your body type. If you will follow our tips, you have a whole new world of haute-couture men’s fashion awaiting you – not to mention the ladies lining up to be escorted by you (just kidding, but who's know).

So, aim for knowing your body well, its flaws and tiny imperfections; then study your best features and highlight these while downplaying all the not-so-great ones. So we are here to help you to save some money to learn this instead of to consult a fashioner designer to know this; even your friendly neighborhood tailor can advise you about the right coat, trousers and shirt or jacket style for your body type.

Just ask around. Else, consult a good friend or remember what kind of clothes get you most compliments and buy more of those styles. Don’t be led by current fashion trends blindly as ramp models have very different physiques as compared to regular men. So, always select clothes that suit your particular body type i.e. lanky, stout, broad waisted or narrow hipped etc. before buying a specific style. E.g. double–breasted coats are smart, no doubt, but don’t suit those with a stocky built; bulky frame men need to go in for single-breasted jacket and suits to look trimmer. Similarly, those with a thin body should opt for a well-tailored double-breasted blazer made in thick wool to give some bulk to their frame. Men with long legs and short-waist should go in for garments that are long on the torso to balance out the overall look; similarly, those with narrow shoulders can go in for padded shoulders in coats, jackets and blazers for a fuller appearance.

Small size men should avoid wearing contrast colors as this will only draw attention to their shortness and though no-one has the perfect body, even the cover mag guys we love to hate, by dressing right, one can always give the look of being near perfect!

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  1. Robert said...

    Unfortunately, most guys do not consider "body type" when they are picking out mens fashion. Typically picking out whats popular, most guys are wearing baggy clothes that do nothing for what they should look like.

  2. Tyler said...

    Great inspiration is to go to these fashion shows. Some styles aren't really wearable, but you can get some ideas

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