2010 Men Hairstyle Trends

6:45 pm Contributed by JW

Well, everyone are wondering what will be mens hairstyle trends in 2010? In our own opinion, here are just a few of men hairstyle trends in 2010.

Short Man’s Hairstyles
High and Tight, Fade, Spike, Clipper Cut and Crew Cut, whatever name you want to call it. We reckoned that by far the most popular man’s hairstyle in 2010 is the High and Tight or Fade.

Characterized by a closely cropped clipper cut around the sides and back of the head with just enough hair on top of the head to comb, this man’s hairstyle with its many variations accounts for about 50% of all popular styles today. With just a little bit of gel to spike up the top, mess it up a little or finger into place, this man’s hairstyle will only take you seconds to achieve.

While you may have to get it cut more often, about every three weeks or so, the ease of styling this man hair cut is what makes it a favorite among busy men today.

Medium length, textured Men’s Hairstyle
2010 hairstyle trends for men have a lot of texture and the same is true for medium-length styles (about 3 to 4 inches). These styles resemble the classic man haircut of the past, but step it up a notch by using extreme texture and color to bring it all together.

Most styles use a great deal of razoring and texturizing with notching scissors. To style this man’s hairstyle pomade usually works best. Work product through dry hair and finger into place.

Long Men’s Hairstyles 
While most men do not wear their hair down their back anymore, the long man’s hair style has made a somewhat shorter comeback. Perhaps the most recognizable example that we can related to this men’s hair style is Ashton Kutcher. Long, textured and disheveled, this man hair cut is gaining widespread popularity. Again, this man’s hair cut requires a lot of texture and works best with pomade.

 As you can see, the man’s hair style in 2010 is far from boring. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter barber shop man haircut. :)

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  1. Mens Fashion Tips said...

    I am seeing a lot of well-combed and well parted hair resembling those of the 1950s for 2010 hairstyles. What do you think?

  2. men's t-shirts said...

    The 'dishevelled' look tyhat actually takes hours to do looks like a winner here!

  3. JW said...

    Hey, MFT - Well, I can't deny that this trends is back and appear to different age group! :)

    Hi MTS - I do like this look too! Well, really hard to decide what will be my next haircut... :)

  4. kieran said...

    would'nt mind growing mine but it gets too curly once it gets to anything longer than 'medium' length. tried chemical straightening but with little joy :(

  5. vivian said...

    Wonderful hairstyles. In my opinion Short Man’s Hairstyles is the best of all.

  6. Fred said...

    All of these actually feel vary dated to me. I haven't really seen these on recent runways, or on anybody who's look I particularly like. I have to agree with the first comment by "Mens Fashion Tips". To me, the trends seem to point towards old fashioned cuts, with sometimes more playful styling. The sweeping bangs we've seen in 2009 are also still around, this time with more texture, messier looks. I've seen quite a few male bouffants too, for lack of a better name.

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