The Newest Offerings from Men’s Jewelry Designers

10:57 pm Contributed by JW

Fashionable men around the world are now sporting the latest trends from men’s jewelry designers, which is actually something quite unusual. Over the past few decades, men’s fashion did not have much room for jewelry. Certainly there was a great deal of “bling” in such worlds as the hip-hop music industry, but until only recently jewelry designers did not add much to the mainstream of men’s fashion. Jewelry Designers Now it is not unusual for a popular men’s jewelry designer to create a line with rings, necklaces, ear studs, watches and bracelets all specifically created for men to wear. Consider global soccer star David Beckham. In February of 2009 he made several public appearances dressed in the incredibly stylish manner for which he is well-known, but he also sported a diamond encrusted watch and a huge diamond ear stud in each year. He is a man who definitely sets trends in fashion, and clearly this is spilling over into jewelry as well. Interestingly, Beckham even makes a habit of wearing lots of diamonds to the beach and casual affairs, though these tend to be a more traditional sort of “bling” jewelry including heavy pendants in shapes such as crosses and charms. In response to Beckham’s fashion forward thinking, many men’s jewelry designers are now offering enormous diamond crosses on heavy chains entirely encrusted with diamonds as well. There are also huge diamond ear studs marketed strictly to male wearers and there are, of course, heavy diamond bracelets and watches. Beckham isn’t the only fashionable male to inspire jewelry designers however, and such unique celebrities as Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake also initiate trends by opting to wear an interesting piece of jewelry by a designer they happen to like. Consider the many varieties of “dog tags” that have been appearing in department stores and high-end jewelry shops since Timberlake began wearing them around 2007. While he often pairs them with heavier chains and other pendants, many men’s jewelry designers create simple pieces that can be worn on a daily basis by fashion conscious men around the world.
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