Hair Style Makeover?

12:05 am Contributed by JW

When it comes to hair styles, there are so many different options today to make changes. You can change your color, add highlights, add layering and even add length or thickness with hair extensions to suit your characters and lifestyle. (if you want to!). Makeover is getting more and more popular recently even TV shows outline how makeover is done and dramatically change the hair styles.

So what is this makeover fuss all about? Makeovers cover color correction, which can be highlights, color, gloss and haircut or style, along with makeup application. The total process can take around 4 hours to complete.

One of the killing questions you will ask “…how damaged will my hair be after a color correction?" Believe it or not, color correction is not as damaging as it used to be. The old way of stripping hair color out with bleach is history. Modern day products allow hair stylists to remove 'artificial pigment' only, meaning that it will not open, damage, or split the cuticle of the hair in any way. This allows hairdressers to remove the most intense colors from hair, and allow it to be re-colored in the same appointment time.

You and your stylists might have different vocabularies. Hence, photos of styles that you like are very helpful to hair stylists. However, thanks to advance technology and internet, some stylists now do keeps a computer at their work station to look up hair styles online (such as a past hair style of a celebrity) if you do not have photos or cannot remember certain styles you like. The computer eliminates the need for bulky portfolio books.

To get more comfort, do remember to discuss with stylist what it will take to get the your current hair to that new hair style. Most of the time the exact cut and color are achieved in one day. But for some of you that are growing yours hair out may take several months and appointments to reach your overall goal.

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