Backpack is a trend or necessity?? Any comment?

12:54 am Contributed by JW

As men's clothing shifted from baggy and comfortable to well cut and restricting, a new dilemma arose for well dressed men across the globe: what to do with all the things we carry in our pockets. While women pack their handbags full with makeup and receipts, men surprisingly carry a lot of things; we've got our keys, wallet, checkbook, PDA, bluetooth devices packing our pockets to the brim. This is something that hadn't been dealt with since the '80s, with cell phones the size of cinderblocks, and the best solution they came up with then was the neon colored "fanny pack." But there was a serious dilemma. Backpacks were too large, briefcases were for office papers, fanny packs were too retro, and purses were for women. The re-emergence of the messenger bag brought the perfect solution--a fusion of briefcase and purse, while still large enough to be "manly." Yet, ever since the messenger bag became an accepted carrying device for men, the size of these messenger bags has steadily decreased in both volume and area. Now, more than ever, men's bags are crossing the line of masculinity and entering into the realm of purses. While one could argue along with Jerry Seinfeld, that it's simply a "men's European carryall," the man-purse at your hip is what it is. And don't think you're getting away with using the ever-popular designer fanny pack or daypack, as I once overheard someone calling it. It's simply a glorified purse, and you know it. So, what's the solution you ask? I'll leave it entirely up to you. If you think you can pull off the man-purse look, just make sure the balance between messenger bag and purse is leaning towards messenger bag. Also remember, the more leather, canvas, and sporty the bag, the more masculine it will appear. Of course, another option would be to simply consolidate your wallet, checkbook, credit cards, etc. so they don't take up so much room in your pants. One unique, effective, and classy way to do this is to use a large slim cigarette box or business card holder in which you can keep all your paper, coins, and cards. Check out some antique stores, tobacco shops, or leather goods stores in order to find the perfect one for you.

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