Man Fashion Tips: Hip Nightly Rituals that Improve Your Appearance

10:30 pm Contributed by JW

Our daily lives are filled with work, stress and activities that are bound to cause a strain on our complexion. To present a better version of yourself, start picking up nightly habits so you can be sure to look your absolute best.

Spend some time at night before you hit the sack to tweeze unwanted hair on your face. Getting rid of unwanted hair between your eyebrows, taming bushy brows and plucking unruly nose or ear hairs are all jobs better tackled at night, especially if you have sensitive skin. This is because tweezing can lead to redness and performing this grooming operation at night means that any irritation that develops has eight hours to subside, so your face would not have any awkward red spots.

Lips get hard and chapped during harsh weathers. Lip balm may help soften the lips but you can begin to nurture natural soft lips while you sleep. Begin by exfoliating your lips when you brush your teeth. Simply run your toothbrush lightly back and forth across your upper and lower lips a few times. This is to get rid of any dry, flaky skin and only takes mere seconds. Apply a softening lip balm after brushing your teeth and you will wake up in the morning with kissable nice lips.

It is important to take note of what we consume because what we eat or drink reflects on our skin. Drinking caffeine in the form of coffee, energy drinks or soda, or consuming more than a couple of alcoholic beverages in the evening will keep you awake. However, drinking all these will cause you to lose out on restorative sleep time. They are also dehydrating which increases the appearance of wrinkles because they dry out your skin. Switch to decaf tea if you crave a hot drink or plain old ice water for a cold one instead before sleeping for younger-looking skin.

Make it a habit to do some gentle stretching before bed as it will lengthen your muscles and within a few weeks, you will have a leaner, more toned appearance and being more agile. Moreover, light stretching will help you relax and make sleeping better. You will appear more relaxed in the morning without having to attend any yoga classes to reap these benefits.

There are plenty of other excellent nightly rituals that will help improve your appearance. Make them an essential habit every night to gain the best version of you.

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