5 Simple Tips to Look Thinner this Summer

2:05 pm Contributed by JW

Of course, the best way to look great is to lose the excess weight with the help of a proper diet and exercise program. But there is no reason to put off looking good until you reach your goal weight. All you have to do is make good use of perceptual tricks and make the most of out your shape to create a thinner-looking physique.

Patterns can influence people's perception of your height and weight. A patterned shirt or tie takes the focus off the rest of your body. This helps to downplay a hefty frame or a shorter stature. Dark, solid colors are instant figure fixer and will make you look slimmer. However, avoid bold patterns as they will draw attention to the upper half of your body. 

An important point is to make sure that your clothes fit perfectly. Garments that are too tight will reveal all the spots you would rather not draw attention to. Very loose clothing may hide your problem but it will also make you look larger than you actually are. 

This summer pick up V-neck shirts for the effect of a slimmer neckline. If you have a double chin, V-neck shirt is a great choice as they place emphasis on your chest area instead of on your neck. The best part about summer is that the weather is constantly hot hence the better the reason to dress more in V-neck shirts.

Instead of trousers and jeans that hit your waist, invest in low-rise bottoms that sit on your hips. This is because low-rise trousers have a shorter distance between the top of the waistband and the crotch of your pants than regular trousers. Make note to ensure that the waistband of your pants is large enough to accommodate your midsection so that your belly does not stick out over your pants.

One of the key points to looking thinner is to not carry around excess baggage. Empty your pockets of unnecessary items such as cell phones, overstuffed wallets and electronic devices as they will take the focus off a large midsection. Removing bulky side pockets will also help make your hips appear smaller.

To look like the best version of yourself by playing other perceptual tricks, begin by figuring out what you want to highlight about your body and what you would like to de-emphasize.
Patterned shirt
Low-rise jeans
Remove unnecessary baggage from pockets

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