Mens Hairstyles: 3 Hairstyles for this Winter

3:22 pm Contributed by JW

Trends for men’s hairstyle this winter are above average cuts short, both of the sides and back of the head short while longer on the top. However, just because a certain hairstyle is in trend, it does not mean you can get it without considering whether or not it fit your face shape. The biggest mistake you should avoid  is to follow blindly the hair trend that does not go with the shape of your face.

Close on the sides
This style is cut close on the sides and back all the way up to the point where the head starts to round at the top. If you have an oval face shape, you are lucky as we normally classified this face shape as ‘perfect’ face shape. This versatile face shape allows you to wear almost any hairstyle you desire. Consider this haircut this winter that is stylish and yet low maintenance.

Slick back hairstyle
When you think of slick back hair trends, actors like George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio comes into mind. The former plays a large part in influencing this trend and the latter always grace the red carpet with it. But this year, the only thing that is going to be slick back is the fringe with lighter hues running through a glossy mop of hair. However it is best advised if you only do this hairstyle in a dry weather. If it snows frequently, this hairstyle is not advisable as the snow will dampen your hair and it will hang down instead of stay up. This hairstyle goes well with a square and oval face as slicking your hair back will help make your face seem a little longer and it will emphasize on the square jaw that most men envy.

Disheveled hairstyles
Sometimes we also called Messy hairstyle, covering your forehead with hair will make your face seem wider. If you have wider cheekbones than the forehead or chin, this kind of hairstyle will compliment the shape of your face. Disheveled hairstyles will fill out your face at the forehead and chin while being close to your head at its widest point. However, avoid over-styling your hair when you want to achieve the tousled look as it might end up looking unnatural.

Finding the right hairstyle is hard but not impossible. Understanding the shape of your face simplifies the search for the perfect hairstyle. Be adventurous and do not hesitate in trying out new hairstyles to find which fits you best.

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