Men Winter Grooming YES and NO

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There is a misconception among man - an idea that is so wrongly construed that it is actually one of the greatest fallacies, well at least to me. We are referring to the term “metrosexual”. When you say metrosexual, it sort of instigates the question of a person’s sexuality. That has in turn created a stigma that a man can’t be into a lifestyle where he takes good care of himself without being coined a metrosexual. So, let us make it straight once and for all men, grooming is something that you owe to your body. So here’s some basic do’s and dont’s of grooming, especially when winter comes around.

The DO’s

1. Do moisturize

With winter comes dry skin, so it’s important to quench your skin’s thirst with a good moisturizer. An important tip though when you choose your moisturizer is to steer clear of the ones with alcohol as alcohol strip skin’s natural oils.

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

You might think, it’s the winter season. What are the chances of me being exposed to sunrays? On the contrary, winter sun is even more concentrated once they reflect off white snow. So slap on a layer of sunscreen with full spectrum UVA/UVB protection before you leave the house.

3. Do drink lots of water

Did you know that we tend to not feel thirst in cold weather hence the body doesn’t send out an urge for you to drink water? Your skin might feel the effects of this, even more so during winter when it’s dry. But, fact is it can be fatal when you’ve reached the point of dehydration.

4. Do wear a hat

By that, we mean do provide some sort of warmth for your head region. It is a little known fact that the head is a primary point of heat loss. Whether it is a hooded jacket or your pick of winter headgear, make sure that your head is well-protected from the harsh elements.

5. Do hit the gym

With the holiday season upon us, it is the time of the year for family gatherings, delectable feasts, and just basically fond memories in front of a roaring fire. A gym is the last thing on anyone’s mind. But that is where you are wrong. Exercising facilitates blood circulation and keeps that glow in your face when everyone else’s is literally looking grey from the cold.


1. Don’t overdo alcohol

Alcohol is one of the many methods used to keep warm during those bitterly cold days. But does it really have that effect? According to the Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems, the answer is a big fat no. So, try not to take the term “drink and be merry” too literally.

2. Don’t overeat

We know it is hard to resist that sumptuous Christmas meal spread in front of you. And with all the office parties and New Years gatherings, you’ll be eating your way through the winter season. Let’s try to keep the fatty food and sinful desserts at a bare minimum shall we. Maybe when you find out that these foods have a detrimental effect on your skin it would be easier to say no.

3. Don’t lick lips

Next time when you’re out on the street during cold weather, try to fight the instinct of licking your chapped lips. Instead, always carry around a lip balm and whip it out whenever necessary. Pay no heed to those buddies who are giving you hell for using a “women’s product”.

4. Don’t go caveman

Yes, the tousled up, out of bed, devil may care hairdo is dominating the runways. But don’t, never overboard and throw your shaving routine out the window even if the facial hair helps in keeping your face warm in winter draft. We don’t want to end up looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars do we?

5. Don’t take hot baths/showers

When you are stuck outdoors during frigid weather, does the thought of a steaming, hot shower entice you? Fact is, the steam from a hot shower causes more damage to the skin than good. It enlarges the pores and thus allowing locked moisture inside the skin to escape. Opt for lukewarm water instead to lessen the aggravation on dry skin during winter.

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