5 Men Fashion Tips to Camouflage Your Beer Belly

8:33 pm Contributed by JW

Look down and ask yourself this question – “Do I have a beer belly?” and yes, you have to be brutally honest. If you’re above the age of 35, chances are the answer to that question is a YES especially when you’ve enjoyed the occasional pint or two.  If it’s a no, well the years have been kind to you. But, fear not.

Here are some men fashion tips that we think can help to camouflage that beer belly so you can walk out in confidence.

1. “Maternity” wear
Now, before you think we are out of our mind and actually suggesting you put on pregnancy clothing, hear us out first. Maternity wear are generally tighter on the upper body and flare out at the mid section. So, what we are advocating here is a menswear equivalent of such cut. Believe it or not, many designers are slowly warming up to this style. Most notably, coats that are cinched at the waist hence, creating a silhouette that is forgiving on the beer belly.

2. Single Breasted Suit
There are many contradicting opinions in the fashion world with regards to the type of suit a man with, shall we say ample girth should wear. A double breasted suit with its double row of buttons is said to draw attention to the mid section thus creating a wider illusion. However, some other style experts claimed that double breasted suits tend to“cuts away thickness” in the eye of the viewer. Ultimately, what matters is a well tailored suit. If all else fails, you can always fall back on a good ol’ pinstriped suit that is sure to elongate the body.

3. Avoid Light Colors
In the world of women’s fashion, there is a reason why the LBD or little black dress is of such timeless appeal. Muted, dark colors such as your shades of black and brown virtually slims out all traces of belly fat, muffin tops and love handles. You might end up with a closet deem fitting for creatures of the night but until you lose that beer belly, you’ll just have to bear with it. While we’re at the topic of colours, also try to avoid the colour blocking trend. Instead, keep your outfit as monotonous as possible.

4. Low Rise Pants?
The last thing you want if you do have beer belly syndrome is to have your gut spilling out over your pants. Keep them in check with pants that are at least at belly button level. Do avoid the low rise pants trend that has infiltrated pop culture, a staple in hip-hop music. Zac Efron might be able to pull it off but have you seen his abs?

5. Body Sculpting Undergarments
Just like what Spanx have done for women, there are now undergarments designed to mould men’s figure into a deceivingly fit one. If you hadn’t disclose that you’re wearing body shaping trunks underneath, no women will be any the wiser. Forgive the unappealing photo above, but we just had to make sure we get our message  across. :)

In short, we always advocate wear what makes you feel comfortable, rather than following trends. However, we are pretty sure you don't like to show your beer belly either.

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