Man Fashion: 5 Simple Ways to Recycle Your Clothes

2:03 pm Contributed by JW

Clearing your old clothes and sorting your wardrobe to have a fresh new look could be challenging for some if not all of you out there. Today we would like to share 5 simple ways that you can recycle your clothes into more useful forms rather than leave them idle. 

  • Sort out any of the garments that not worn for the last 2 years.  Try them on to see if they fit.  Any that is too tight or too loose begin to take out zips, and take off buttons and decorative accessories.
  • Find three suitable boxes or bags to place garments and accessories. Separate the two items. These could be boxes or plastic bags (both these items are also recyclable).  The third box/bag can be on hand to keep items that are completely unusable again and must be thrown away.The first box of clothing should be checked for any rips or marks that are irreparable.  Clothes that cannot be re-sewn into any kind of good condition should be cut up to make new items.  These items can be anything from a square shopping bag to a child's shoe bag, small decorative-hanging decorations that can be filled with sweet smelling pot-pourri to keep wardrobes and drawers refreshed.  There are numbers of new and usable things to make.  When you find you need an oven glove to pick up hot pans, a few square pieces of materials sewn together and a loop sewn in a corner for hanging on a cupboard door makes an ideal hot pan holder. You can decorate plant pots with brightly colored materials and ribbons around to brighten your home and garden.
  • Items that can be washed clean and used again can be used as gardening clothes or pottering about clothes when dirty jobs are required to be done.  They maybe turned into a different fashion.  Possibly take out the sleeves and turn a shirt into a trendy waistcoat.  The items from the second box/bag can be used to decorate in a different style by sewing on buttons or motifs from previous unworn outfits.  Altering some of the garments into. 

  • Other styles may make men look and feel more fashionable than the original style and turning into a waistcoat, scarf or hat does not require the item to fit to any particular size. Items in the third box that cannot be used as some useful purpose make sure are clean and do have their buttons/zips in tact and bag up to be sent to any of the local Charity Shops. There are numerous shops for different causes and are all grateful to accept new stock. This means items of no use to some and do not fit in size are of use to someone else. Obviously they are now going to be recycled and it is serving a good cause and also saving the World's resources by being used again by someone who would have had to use further materials.
  • Old clothes that are still wearable can be taken to help the homeless and there are many homeless centers around the country pleased to accept them. The telephone numbers for these centers can be found in the local telephone directory.  If a directory is not to hand the local library may be able to supply this information.  The Salvation Army has always been of help to the needy and is still in action today.

Lastly, unwanted clothes could be used in schools for drama groups etc., and could also go to local Church jumble sales.  Proceeds from these gifts help other causes and you can be certain your recycling is certainly being worthwhile.

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