Mens Fashion: 5 Grooming Sins

4:48 pm Contributed by JW

When it comes to looking great and grooming issues, somehow men were left out of the loop. This is unfortunate, because in this day and age, men want to know! They want to know how to have great looking skin, get the best shave, how to trim unwanted body hair, how to walk so they're more attractive, and on and on and on.

Sure you can go to a spa or salon, but there's so much you can do from home that makes a huge difference. So today we would like to share these 5 important grooming sins that you should avoid.

Shoddy Shaving Habits
Many men don't get perfect shaves. Some do it with worn out razors. Others shave in a hurry, with a million things on their minds.

Take a step back and give yourself some breathing space before sculpting your facial "lawn"

Too Much Cologne
Some of us like the feel of cologne, but never over do it.

Remember: Your cologne should not arrive before you do. Keep it subtle.

Lack of Moisturizing
Most men no longer hold the primitive view that moisturizing is "women's stuff" and yet not many men have this practice in their daily life.

Hydrating your skin regularly to keep it soft, supple and slows down the appearance of fine lines.

Unruly Body Hair
Body hair is fine as long as you keep it presentable. But excessive fuzz can be a real turn off to your lady friends.

Whether it's manscaping down there or removing hair sprouting from your ears, all it takes is a pair of clippers or scissors. You can also consider waxing as well.

Excessive Hair Gel
We all need a little help when it comes to our hair but too much goop in it makes you look greasy. Exercise restraint unless you want to attract full attention from public.

The main thing to remember when doing all you can to look your best, is that it's perfectly natural and normal to look your best, but we always believe you attractive is still your personality.

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