How to Wear Mens Trainers....Properly!

10:02 am Contributed by JW

At one time, mens trainers would only be worn in the gym, but not anymore. Everyone is fully aware of how
comfortable this type of footwear is and trainers are now seen wherever we go. But of course, it isn’t just
about comfort... if you are going to wear a pair of trainers, then you will want them to look good as well. Here
are a few bits of advice to help you to get it right and to avoid an unpleasant run-in with the Fashion Police...

Classics are Good!
Classic mens trainers will go with just about any type of clothing, so they are always a very safe choice.

A basic, single-coloured design, such as the Converse lace-up, will look great with oodles of different
garments; right from jeans or Chinos to pressed or tailor-made trousers.

Watch Out For ‘Hybrids’!!!
In sci-fi movies, alien/human hybrids should normally be avoided at all costs. They are ugly, horrid and intent
on taking us all over! Well, it is pretty much the same situation in the world of footwear; except perhaps, that
hybrid trainers are not normally intent on world domination...

Seriously though, clunky genetically modified cross-bred mens trainers really aren’t cool. In fact, they will
often look downright geeky. It is advisable to completely avoid this type of footwear.

‘(Don’t) Sock it to me Baby!’
Visible Socks + Mens Trainers = Uber Bad Move. If you do need to wear socks with your trainers, then invest in a pair of low-cut ones. This will mean that your feet will remain comfortable and sweat-free without causing any insult to the more ‘style conscious’.

After all, some of us have principles...

‘Roll Up! Roll Up!’
If (and only if) you can wear your mens trainers without any offensive socks on show, then you will be able to
take your image a step further (excuse the pun)...

Try donning a pair of cropped trousers (or rolling up the bottoms of your jeans) to draw greater attention to
your trendy pumps! By creating a hem that reveals a small amount of ankle, you will give a tailored silhouette
to your trainers, making them stand out (sorry, another pun) even more!

Shelling Out on the Wrong Clothes...
In the world of stylish footwear, there is only one other crime that is equally heinous to having visible socks...
and this is wearing your mens trainers with a shell-suit. You may find it amusing to think of someone dressed
in this manner, but it really isn’t a laughing matter. Shell-suits were the thing to wear with a pair of trainers at
one time (as unbelievable as this may seem), but thankfully we have now moved on.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a brush with anyone wearing this ridiculous type of outfit, then it
can have a genuinely detrimental effect on your day. So always choose your clothes wisely and try to have a
little respect for other people!

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