Man Fashion: 5 Fashion Styles to Avoid in this Fall

11:30 pm Contributed by JW

Summer was over and we are now in Fall. So everyone is wondering what's hot in this fall? Before we shares our thoughts on this what's is IN this Fall, we thought it is a right time to share these 5 fashion styles to avoid in this Fall.

1. Don't Try Your Beach Casual Wear 
If you have not clear your wardrobe, it is time to do it this weekend. We don't mean to keep all your summer clothing aside, but try to avoid your beach casual wear like board shorts, Cargo pants, sandals or leather flip-flops. Instead, you should start to look at Cardigan, pinstriped pants etc.

2. Don't Overdo with Accessories
We are sure some of you love accessories, especially those accessories that you wear during summer time. Perhaps a merino wool or cashmere scarf is what you need, as many scarves that offered in the market are made of lower grade, which is not comfortable if wear for long hours. Sunglasses is the only piece of accessory that you could probably want to keep in your wardrobe. Hey!! How about one compact umbrella that to carry along during this raining season?
3. Avoid Bright Colors Combo
Khaki, white and blue are never fail. Invest in a piece of cool khaki blazer is definitely worth the investment. This color combo really able to give a new life of your own in this fall.

4. Is time to Get a New Haircut
Even if you're not the best-looking guy in the world, but you can still pull off a good look if you get yoursefl a new haircut, this will give you a new fresh look in this fall to your outside friends. The best hairstyle that we recommend is still short messy haircut. What do you think?

5.Keep Your Sleeveless T-Shirt
Please keep your sleeveless t-shirt away, or the best is to keep one or two pieces to match with your new turtle neck or v-neck sweaters, but never over do it.

Whatever styles you go for in this fall, it's important to go with the style that you feel comfortable and confident. Experiment with different clothing combination to get a look that makes you look and feel great. Do not follow fashion trends if they make you feel uneasy. Our belief in fashion is always about comfort and style. Do you think so?


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  1. Hugo Boss Mens Suits said...

    Every one to inform about only fashion but this article to describe to the which fashion style to avoid.Thanks..

  2. Unknown said...

    This kind of guide should be published every year. What to avoid is almost as important as what to wear.

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