Man Fashion: Is Skinny Jeans Dying Off?

12:35 am Contributed by JW

If you thought you look totally awesome in your skinny hipster jeans, well you are wrong. The trend seems to be dying off and most people these days have begun to go for that eased look, which comes with jeans that are not skinny. In the Paris Men’s Fashion Week lately, Dior Homme, Lanvin, Hermès, Paul Smith and other big names in the men’s couture did not reveal any jeans or trousers that even bordered close to being skinny or tight.

The tight jeans, kohl fudged, spike haired look seems to be dying and a relaxed 90s look seems to be back. This could be a fallout from the recession as most of us do not care about fashion anymore? as some of us are not afford as before?

The solution seems to be in well tailored but unpretentious jeans that not only look good but also make you feel like you are not being vain when people are losing jobs. Hermès designer Veronique Nichanian showed to the world what well dressed men look like even without tight and skinny jeans with washed linens and vintage shirts. Of course, fashion is very personal taste, I'm not influence your decision, but if you are on the lookout for such skinny jeans, think twice again!

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  1. Zamri said...

    I dun think skinny jeans are dying off. They might not be seen on runways; but on the street, in actual reality - skinny jeans will always remain a classic. Not many people can rock in it, but most people would love to wear one. Even for once. :)

  2. JW said...

    Well, I do agree with you, as I mentioned, fashion is very personal taste, so nothing in runways does not mean we don't like it! :)

  3. Anonymous said...

    I think this is just wishful thinking by those who look crap in a tailored silhouette. Despite the relaxed look shown on the runways, truth be told, skinny jeans are as strong as ever - UK, Australia and select cities in the USA such as New York prove this point. These recent collections are the worst I've seen in a long time and from what I have heard, sales and orders are down. Hedi Slimane made youth love a classic luxury label due to his slim silhouettes and creativity. The clothes shown above would make a 65kg 6 foot 2 guy even look fat. I'm sorry but I can only see young guys adopting this look to a degree - notably on their upper bodies while keeping the lower half quite tailored. As a skinny guy, I can think of nothing worse than wearing Dior's recent wide trousers. I want my suit to fit, not look like a curtain. Guys look sexy in skinny suits. Period. Ps. jeans such as nudie, lee, ksubi etc are still making an abundance of skinny jeans.

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