Man Fashion: Essential Men Fashion Tips

12:26 am Contributed by JW

There are as many dos and don'ts in fashion as there are brands, and it can be overwhelming! Some man fashion tips are more important than others and many can be ignored without making major fashion gaffes. So let us go back to 5 essential Man Fashion Tips:- 1. Don't Be Afraid to Play With Color While you try to color coordinate your shoes with your belt or your socks with your pants, you don’t have to make your entire outfit match. Show off your personality by using color in your shirts and ties. Today’s neck ties come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can add a punch of class to any plain suit with a crisp red neck tie. If you want a more playful look, try a tie with polka dots or stripes. Striking without being overwhelming, a colored necktie is the perfect way to inject color and personality into your outfit and lifestyle.
2. DO Wear Socks that Match Your Pants If you are wearing black trousers, avoid white socks, unless you are superstar like Micheal Jackson. There is nothing worse than a man in a nice black suit who sits down only to reveal pristine white socks. It does not matter whether you wear socks that are solid colors or patterns as long as the color of the socks matches your pants.
3. DO Wear a Watch As discussed in my previous post, watch is a wonderful fashion accessory, so you will look classy and sophisticated with a watch. You don’t have to be wealthy to afford a nice, classy watch. You can find a variety of beautiful watches for very reasonable prices in most department stores.
4. Do Try Out Flat-Front Trousers Most men avoid pants that are made with a flat-front. Our fathers and grandfathers all wore the traditional pleated trousers so we often automatically assume that we should wear the same. This is a big mistake! In fact, pleats can be a disaster if a man is overweight. They only make you look bulkier when you are trying to look slim and trim. Give flat-front trousers a try and you will be amazed at how much better you look. If you feel uncomfortable in flat-front trousers, try buying a larger size and getting them tailored to fit your waist better.
5. DO Match Your Shoes with Your Belt This is most basic rule of men’s fashion. You can tie together even the most awkward outfits by matching your shoes with your belt. Stick with neutral colors such as brown, charcoal and black. These colors can be worn with virtually anything, from business suits to casual blue jeans. Coordinate the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. Lastly, while belts add a polished look to your ensemble. Make sure, however, not to fasten it too tight. Technorati Tags:

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  1. Robert Barr said...

    Nice tips, good stuff. Keep up the good work. Been a subscriber for a while. You cover a lot of good topics.

  2. gantman said...

    Men need good grooming and shirt wearing tips like these!

  3. Luxury tie designer said...

    I always try and go for colorful ties. It sure does make a difference to your over all look. Good post!

  4. formal wear for men said...

    I always go for black, as it is most formal. Maybe I'll try wearing different colors of ties from now on. Thanks for these tips, will keep this in mind. Keep up the good work.

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