Man Fashion: Creative Men Cufflinks

11:58 pm Contributed by JW

Historically dating back to the seventeenth century, Men Cufflinks is a decorative fastener used to hold together the cuff on the sleeve of a tuxedo shirt, dress shirt. Men Cufflinks acts as a fastener to replace the role of a button. The design of Men Cufflinks varies but the basic principle of a cylindrical post with a decorative end visible to the public still remains. Let find out varies designs for men cufflinks, ranging from sterling silver, gold, silk, Enemal and many more.
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  1. Terence Sambo said...

    i prefer knots, but generally i try to avoid cuff linked shirts :oD

  2. Jazmin Balinotti said...

    conoce la historia d la moda, los diseƱardores mas famosas y demas en:

  3. Emeka Amakeze said...

    Cuff links are one of the reasons why i love to wear long sleeve shirts. Love your blog.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I love the second image, especially the cuff links with the brown corners. But you should check out Whiteflash cufflinks for men as well. I represent them so if you want samples, let me know.

  5. Dru!!! said...

    thanks! happy (belated) valentine's day to you too!

  6. we wear things said...

    those locket cufflinks.. COOL.

  7. Jim @ said...

    I did not wear cuff links until well into adulthood, and I now prefer wearing these with a dress shirt and suit. I like the plainer style better. I have a sense your preference of cuff links follows your general taste, because I generally like a simpler look. As you might guess, I like the first set listed in the photos the best.

  8. Connie Hsiu said...

    oooh these are wonderful!! i especially love the last ones :)

    ty so much for my comment, i am loving my room dearly!

  9. Anonymous said...

    Great blog. IMO you cannot beat Duchamp cufflinks. Expensive but classy!

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