Man Travel: Travel With Style

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International business travel is an activity that is becoming more and more complex on a daily basis. You must be well prepared before you start your journey and be prepared for all eventualities. Most important, do not carry a lot of clothing. You need only basic wardrobe and some leisure items (sports maybe) and make sure that it’s consistent with the local weather conditions as well as custom. But no matter how long the flight, you can always avoid looking like you stowed away in the cargo hold. Here, the clothes that will let you stretch your legs without short changing your style when you're 30,000 feet in the air.
  1. Men Washed Cotton Shirt

  2. The last thing you need while sleeping in-flights is a stiff collar scratching your neck. A rumpled cotton button-down helps you maintain some decorum even when you're slumping in your seat.
    Basketweave Fine Cotton Dress Shirt
  3. Men Cardigan

  4. A cashmere cardigan keeps you just as insulated from the airplane's air-cond as a complimentary Scotch whiskey or two, but without the dehydration too. Unlike a pullover, the beauty of Cardigan is that it's easy to put on or take off.
    Lambswool Blend Shawl Collar Cable Cardigan Sweater
  5. Soft Structured Men Jacket

  6. A deconstructed gray jacket makes an ideal outer layer for traveling. Stow it once you're in the air, then slip it on as soon as you exit the lan for a minimum hassle, put together look.
  1. Dark Denim

  2. When there won't be time for a post-flight change of clothes, choose a pair of dark jeans that will weather wrinkles, allowing you to move seamlessly from seat to your next destination.
Lastly, don't over-stuff your suitcase. Pack enough clothing for each day of your trip, plus an extra shirt or two for variety. Strike a balance and travel with style.
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