Man Fashion: 2009 Men Hairstyle Trends

9:28 pm Contributed by JW

While everyone is questioning what will be the next men hairstyle trends in 2009, others are stick to their favorite hairstyle back in 2007. When I was discussed with my hairstylist the other day on this topic, interestingly, we both thought of Emo look. When the first time I heard about this term "Emo Hairstyle" was back to 2005 while I was traveled in Europe. Now, this Emo hairstyle trends become the fast track to popularity among the younger crowd, from US to Europe and across Asia.

A tangent from the gothic or punk sub–culture, the emo hairstyle transcends the realm of styling your hair simply to look good and becomes an expressive form. The emo hairstyle allows the expression of individuality and creativeness. The basic emo hairstyle can be found as a short look or as a long look with similarities between the two. Short Emo Hairstyle Man short emo haircut involves a short and spiky cut with very long bangs. With this style, the bangs are worn in a long fringe that lies over the face, but brushed to one side. The bangs essentially cover one eye, completely or almost completely. This fringe of bangs presents a canvas that can be used to express individuality with highlights and streaks. Long Emo Hairstyle Man long emo haircut involves a long and shaggy cut. With this style, the bangs are worn in a long fringe and brushed to one side of the face in the same manner as with the short emo haircut. The long bangs are parted to one side of the face with the right side being the more popular one to flip the bangs to fall upon. Emo Hairstyle Highlights To add on more creativity and style, men with emo hairstyles also add on highlights, or streaks. In fact, coloring the bangs in a spectrum of shades that range from light to dark or vice-versa is a real eye catcher. According to well known hairstylist "Most popular colors for highlights currently tend to be red or purple." So whether you like it or not, emo hairstyles will most likely still be one of the most popular men hairstyle trends in 2009.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    While I agree that there is a "long emo hairstyle," I don't agree that the picture is the best representation of that style. The pictured style is very common in Asia, and even more common among Rock/Pop stars there. The style in the picture should not be considered emo.

  2. laptop said...

    I find it amusing that men are now experimenting with their hairstyles.

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