Man Designer Tie Color and Personality

9:03 pm Contributed by JW

I recently came across a very interesting article while I was browsing the net, looking for some information for my research. This is basically link to your fashion ties, to be specific, the tie fashion color link to individual personality. Everyone know tie is one of the essential accessories when you wear a formal suit. Don’t you know that color and pattern of tie can reflect the personality of the wearer? Find out more on the relationship between men tie color and personality. Guide to Know Men’s Personality by Color of His Designer's Tie Red Tie Red color reflects love and anger, as well as the bravery and sensuality of a man. Blue Tie This color is one of the most popular colors of all time (I personally like this color very much too). It reflects sincerity, calmness and the utmost. Fashion experts said that light blue color fill the wearer with impression of confidence, trust, and decisiveness. The blue tie gives leadership impression which is more humble than the red one. President Bush regularly wears a particular shade of light blue tie on his presidential moment. Not to mention, Barrack Obama was also found on the blue ties on his campaign. Orange Tie As there is not many men like this color. Nevertheless orange is related to energy, strength and power. Most of the fashion designers like to stick to this color. Black Tie Black is conventionally associated with sadness or condolence. People wear solid black tie in a funeral occasion. However, if you could match the black tie with bright lined shirt, then you will have an elegant look. Gray Tie Gives impression of an ambitious man. Yellow Tie Reflects young, full of hope and happiness. Some fashion experts say yellow tie also means “at-your-service”. Therefore, men at hospitality business sport yellow tie. Green Tie Gives an impression of intelligent men who is hardly understandable and honest. Purple Tie People who are royal, expressive, and visionary wear this color. It is proper to gray suit. Brown Tie Reflects an open minded and good business instinct men.
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  1. Luxury ties said...

    I actualy really like the orange ties!love all the other ones 2!

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