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Presentation is everything when it comes to business clothing, As everyone should know the first impression is almost important. Hence, right business clothing, be traditional, casual classic, or smart casual can actually help a person's level of confident and chance of being successful too. Therefore, working business men are always in search for ways to differentiate themselves from their peers, and what better way to do it than to look different? Unless you are in the fashion industry, dressing too faddishly will have your bosses wondering if you are more concerned with your wardrobe than your job. So instead of formal business attire, most of the men moved to Casual Business Clothing.

Three Level of Business Clothing

The new business casual look evolved as Silicon Valley opened up the world to young entrepreneurs and a more relaxed way of doing business. Casual business clothing comes to three basic levels: classic, smart and relaxed.


Traditional business and Classic casual business clothing is elegant. These two level of business dress call for an elegant, clean finish to your look. Traditional business wear consists of a suit, shirt and tie. It is the most formal of business attire. The suit is made of well constructed suiting. The suit jacket should always be buttoned up, except when sitting perhaps. Casual business classic is a small step down from traditional. It works best when you want to create an overall impression of professionalism, authority, dependability. The jacket is the key in casual business classic fashion. But bear in mind that it should not match your trousers, as that will dress it up to the traditional level. This casual business classic clothing style is most suitable if your business is based in outdoor lifestyles and products. Casual Business Smart Style Casual business smart works best when you want to create an overall impression of accessibility, friendliness, competence, creativity. So for this look, you only need a neat trousers and a shirt. If you happen to have a jacket with you, remember to loosen the jacket to create the dress down effect.

Casual Business Relaxed Style

Casual business relaxed look are most welcome on end of the week, ie. Friday. The key item is denim. This is the most relaxed form of dressing and should only be worn when you are definitely not expecting to meet any clients. However, Casual Business Relaxed Clothing are also well received by technology group of people working in Silicon Valley.
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