Man Fashion: Fat and Thin Women

12:13 am Contributed by JW

I just picked this up in one of the comment from, it read like this "Men couldn't care less: we just want them young and thin. We'd rather have sex with an unemployed brain-dead model than a brilliant, wealthy woman who happens to be fat". The reason I picked this up was because the comment really puzzle me for a while. I think most of the man do prefer young and thin women (correct me if I am wrong), but on the other hand, we do look into women's internal beauty as well. Otherwise, there would be so many people married with fat women! :D So I just want you to share your thoughts whether you agreed on bellingman view?

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  1. JW said...

    Hey! just want to kick start in this, to keep the ball rolling. Any comments are welcome.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I believe there is someone for everyone in this world , fat, skinny, smart, rich or intelectualy challenged. TV and magazines don't represent the real world...

  3. Unknown said...

    I agree with most of this. I am attracted to young thin women, BUT if they are ugly ppl on the inside, i have no interest in them except some sex. true beauty lies within, but a women has to have something to keep me wanting to have sex with her, ya kno?

  4. JW said...


    I like your "someone for everyone", which reflective of the real world.

  5. JW said...

    Hi Justin,

    I do agree with you that guys are greedy when come to this. ie. we are attracted to young, thin as well as with internal beauty women!

    But some of us fail to evaluate ourselves whether we are of same attributes! So I always believe a fair game when come to relationship.

  6. Anonymous said...

    I'm a woman... a fat one (79 Kg and 1,68)... so I can say. Man want the beautiful and thin girl. This whole inside is a big bullshit! If the first beautiful/thin one has not a "good inside". The man will jump to the next beautiful/thin one... jumping, of course, the fat, the ugly, etc. He will jump up to he find the B/T one with the "good inside".

  7. JW said...

    Well, I can't deny either. But the world is fair, whether you are fat or slim, you always able to find a partner if you want to. Except that slim girls might have more choices! :) Whether this is good or bad! it all depend. Hence, Slim and beauty girls might have to experienced lot more joy and sad moments in order to find their Mr. Right.

  8. Anonymous said...

    You lot are so full of shit. It shouldn't matter if yah fat or thin. At least it wouldn't matter to a rrrreal man. Because a real man wouldn't "want" a woman "just" for sex. He would be opened to all possibilities. {Obese women do lose weight) So if anything? Your doing big, intelligent, successful women a hhhhuge favor by picking up the brainless bombshells! And any self respecting slim sized woman, would take great offence being picked up soley on her looks. In the real world? Any respectable woman would appreciate a respectable man and not just his penis. Thank you.

  9. JW said...

    Hey, I strongly agree with u. Fat or thin, is up to the person, whether she willing to put in effort to gain or reduce weight.
    So in this real world, is all up to personal choice I believe.....

  10. Anonymous said...

    Let's not forget taht it goes the other way too. Only women not only expect a man to be reasonable weight, height, and good on the inside, we can also be judging on whether he makes a decent earning (interpretation of 'decent' varies between women).

    Trick to finding happy relationship is HONEST evaluation of your own qualities, and finding someone comparible.

    Only problem is, most people are more comfortable judging whilst looking OUT than IN.

  11. Anonymous said...

    Well to be honest... There is no reason to be fat. In most cases, women are fat because of the obsession towards eating food. if you love your food, your attractiveness will decrease. Its a risk you take. And as far as being ugly, If your that worried, have it sorted, surgery and that. But it shouldn't matter. I am a child and growing up, i am understanding that us men do see the beautiful women and think 'phwoar' but see the ugly /fat women and think 'oh my god' and look the other way. And sex is pleasurable, its like beer. Just because men like a lot of sex, doesn't mean men are not respectful or want to settle down with a beautiful girl on the inside rather than out. But while we are young (40 and below) We want the sexy girls because you'd rather be having sex with sexy, slim girls than (sorry if this hurts anyone) fat, ugly people which, when looking at them, can be very off putting.

  12. Anonymous said...

    i'm not a thin girl because i reguard thin as being just skin and bones but i am slim, i'm 5'7'' and i weigh 114 pounds but i do have boobs and an ass and i have men constantly asking me out because of my body and yes sometimes i have had sex with those men but id much prefer a man that wanted to get to know me rather than getting to know my body. but i do understand that for people to ask people out there has to be some physical attraction there otherwise you wouldnt fancy that person

  13. Anonymous said...

    To anybody who said that women do not do this. There are more and more women who will gladly get laid by a guy they theme attractive enough and thin enough for them, even if their is no connection, just the heated action of it is enough. How do I know?? look at the Jan 1 2009 reply.I bet anything that this poster found those guys attractive enough and just used them for sex, even if they were jerks and what not. That is how it is!!

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