Man Fashion: 8 Fashion Tips for Skinny Men

11:01 pm Contributed by JW

Alright, after my earlier post on fashion tips for bulky man, some of you might wonder whether is there any tips for skinny man, especially if you are skinny as well as tall. So after some researches, here are some of the simple tips for the tall and skinny man.

Choose Fitted Shirts Loose fitting, un-tucked shirts will billow around you and make you look the mainsail on a mast. So make sure to choose something fitted. On the other hand, you should avoid extreme tight shirts because they will accentuate your bony upper half.

Avoid Monochromatic Looks If you wear a solid color from head to toe, you will seem even thinner than you are. So break up your look by wearing few different colors in your outfit

Select Lighter Color Lighter colors will make you appear slightly larger, so choose white, creams, light gray, light blue to visually bulk you up a bit.

Don't Wear vertical Stripes As in my earlier article, vertical stripes only suitable for bulky person, if you are skinny, vertical stripes will make you even thinner.

Round-Toed Shoes Alright, what round-toed shoes got to do with this? If you are really tall, round toe shoes will make you look disproportionate. So go for square-toed or pointy shoes in order to balance out your shape.

Skinny Jeans Stay away from this kind of jeans. You pants should have a classic cut and should remain simple. A straight cut or boot cut jeans with long inseam will also flatter your best.

Short Jackets Make sure all your jackets fall right under your buttocks. A shorter jacket will emphasis your height as well as your skinny waist, arms and legs.

Other Tip: To avoid looking like a lollipop, don't wear blazers or jackets with big shoulder pads.

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