Men Skincare: Fundamental Guides

11:16 pm Contributed by JW

If you are the man that serious about skincare, then you are not alone. It wasn't so long ago that it was absurd to think of men focusing any attention at all on their skin care. Of course, they made sure to keep their faces washed and once in a while they would shave without complaining, but it was unusual to find a man who was worried about aging and wrinkles. Recently, though, more and more men are starting to admit that they too care about what their skin looks like. In fact, they care about it just as much as women do. They just don't seem to have as many products to choose from. One of the major reasons that men are starting to take better care of their skin is that men are becoming more worried about their health. Healthier skin usually leads to a healthier lifestyle. Men and Women alike want to live longer and lead healthier lives. Having healthy skin is the first step in this direction. Recent studies have shown that a man's skin is typically more sensitive than a woman's skin. This is not so surprising considering what women will put their skin through to keep it looking good. Women also lack that "protective" layer of facial hair, so their skin has to be a little bit tougher to stand up to environmental elements. Men's facial hair protects them from sun and can help keep the skin from drying out. One of the reasons that a man's skin is typically more sensitive than a woman's skin is that, stereotypically speaking, they tend to spend more time outdoors. They also shave their faces. Shaving can cause the facial skin to become irritated, and if you read the ingredients on men's shave gel you will see that it contains moisturizers that have been added specifically to help ease the skin irritation that comes with shaving. This is also why razors now have four and five blades. The more blades a razor has, the easier it is on the skin. Some think that this heightened sensitivity of men's skin is what causes them to have more wrinkles and to show the signs of aging sooner than women do. One has to wonder how long it will be before there are men's lines of anti-aging wrinkle creams on the market. Tags: , ,

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