Men Fashion: From Runway to Your Closet

12:20 am Contributed by JW

By Jennifer Wasilewski

Ever year fashion designers and other fashion minded folk flock to cities like Paris and Milan to share in runway madness. Beautiful bodies strut up and down the catwalk showing off what fashion designers have worked so hard to put together. At home, while we sit in our casual wear we look to the trend setting fashion shows and ask "Who actually wears that?" The men and women that walk down the runway seem to be part of some awe inspiring vivid dream where people dawn the most ridiculous costumes. While you may not everything at the fashion shows on the street there are a few things that will make it out to your favorite clothing store. Here are a few of the outrageous men fashions that you can take to daily life.

1. Hammer Pants
If you think Hammer pants were a nightmare left to the early nineties think again. Apparently these ultra baggy pants were just something to legit for fashion designers to quit. Fashion designers are bringing these.

How You Can Wear It Though you may think hammer pants should be left to the late 80's, they are back in men's fashion and you can definitely pull them off. Stay away from the glitzy shiny pairs and go for ones that are a made from dark, no shine pair in black, brown, or gray, or dark blue and green. These colors make the hammer pants more acceptable and will look fashionable instead of outlandish.

2. Sheer

Want to be revealing without putting it out there? Sheer clothing isn't just for the ladies anymore. The runways were full of super thin tops to cover or barely cover the men that modeled them.

How You Can Wear It Your biggest concern is probably looking less than manly in sheer attire, but with the proper clothing you can pull this off easily. Look for sheer sweaters in solid colors and wear them over button down shirts or T-shirts. This allows you to still take part in this sexy trend without looking ridiculous. If you're really daring try wearing a sheer top to the beach or poolside as a cover up until you hit the water.

3. The Zipper In a strange attempt to bring back what I'm assuming is rock n roll attire fashion designers have gone zipper happy. Whether its shirts, coats, pants or shorts there are zippers everywhere. It seems function is not at the heart of this fashion statement since there are zippers in places you can barely reach let alone use.

How You Can Wear It Wearing zipper clad clothing can be a tricky feat. The key is to have enough zippers to rock the trend without having so many you stand out like a sore thumb caught in a zipper. While the zipper trend is seen in shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets, you may want to start with the jacket to test the waters.

4. Pajamas Who wouldn't love to go to work donning pajama bottom and slippers? Thanks to the wacky minds of America's top men's fashion designers your dreams are now realized. Silk, flannel, and cotton pants have somehow worked their way out of the bedroom and on to the runway.

How You Can Wear It The pajama look is a lot easier to pull off this spring than you would think. Stick with the semi casual pajama trends like cotton striped pants paired with a button down polo and you'll be comfortable and fashionable. Stay away from silk printed pairs or the I just rolled out of bed wrinkled look.

5. Cropped Pants If only you had the fashion foresight to hold on to those high-waters when you mom told you you were to old to wear them. Cropped pants are all the rage for men this spring with hemlines making a movement upwards.

How You Can Wear It The capri pants is probably the hardest trend for men to get past. It seems like that little bit of ankle and lower calf should be left to the ladies out. Look for Cropped Pants that rise a few inches above the ankle and stick to khaki like materials in neutral colors like tan, green, and brown. These are great for beach wear so pair them with a t-shirt and sandals.

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