Man Fashion Accessory: Cufflinks

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While 'cuff links' is defined by the American Heritage English Dictionary as a pair of linked buttons or a similar device used to fasten the cuffs of a shirt, in modern usage 'cufflinks' is a combined variant spelling of the same fashion accessory. Cuff links / cufflinks are worn by men and women alike. More feminine, lighter-weight cuff links are also available for women's wear. Gemstone cufflinks are a perfect gift of perennial fashion for a wedding, prom, formal dinner, graduation, anniversary, after-five cocktails, evening dress, and daily office wear.

For your first time wearing fashion cufflinks, take your cue from the tone of the event and what others will be wearing. One way is to ask those putting on the event about appropriate attire. It may be helpful to wear your fashion cufflinks with the rest of your outfit at least once before the occasion to get used to wearing them, so you feel comfortable on the day. Because gemstone cuff links are real, and especially if the gemstones show unique characteristics, they can say a lot about you. And they can be a delight to wear.

To link a cuff with the most widely found design, close the swivel bar and insert the stem through the holes from the outside of the cuff with the gemstone or other main feature facing outward so it shows. Then simply open the swivel bar to secure the cuff.

Cuff links may be worn with your choice of several cuff styles, and matched with a necktie, button cover, ascot, or bolo tie / bola tie. Cuffs for custom dress shirts can include French cuffs (doubly layered and with two 'buttonholes' for each layer) in several styles such as angle-cut French cuffs or rounded-corner French cuffs. Additionally, there are many convertible cuff styles, with a second 'buttonhole' next to a button, so that you can wear cufflinks or simply button the cuff. Such cuffs can be straight, angled, or rounded, with one or two buttons plus 'buttonholes.' Similarly, the cuffs of an existing shirt can be made convertible. While there are many choices, keep in mind that all it takes is having two 'buttonholes.' The rest is simply your style preference. You may also wear cufflinks and studs with a shirt front with double button holes for the studs. Or a convertible style to button or wear with studs.

Choose cufflinks in keeping with the mood of the occasion. Hematite Cuff Links and other impressive, darker gemstones may be worn to the most formal event. Paua Shell Cuff Links and more personally expressive gemstones may suit a more festive occasion or daily wear for the office. Let the mood of the occasion guide your choice of gemstones.

Keep in mind that appropriate attire is usually not as rigid as a uniform, and there are many opportunities for personal expression. Plus, looking good with always fashionable gem cuff links means you are more likely to enjoy the occasion.

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