Man Fashion: 10 Deadly Fashion Crimes for Business Attire

4:34 pm Contributed by JW

When was the aftermost time you take a good look at yourself in business attire?

In the corporate world, the way your abrasion in the appointment and added chiefly your fashion sense is critical, this could be behind the eyes of your colleagues and foolishly endangering your career! I do received some comments from my friends that their superiors have very high standard on their business attire especially when your work need to deal with customers.

But again what are the accepted mistakes (or some you could alleged this as crimes? Up to you) that best of the men faced in their appearance sense? I have summarized the most common fashion crimes along with tips on how to avoid them:

* Backpacks. OK, maybe this is aloof a misdemeanor, but you're aggravating to ascend the corporate ladder, not backpack up a mountain. Carry a briefcase or agent bag -- and if you charge article for your gym clothes -- advance in a nice-looking gym bag.

* Clashing or too abounding colors. A covering of abounding colors may accept formed for Joseph, but you, my friend, should absolute anniversary accouterments to aloof three colors or shades. Stick to complementary colors (those adverse from anniversary added on the blush wheel) or colors from the aforementioned pallet. Match anemic clothes with light-colored shoes and dark clothes with dark shoes.

* Stained clothes. Don't be that guy who's accidentally walking about with red booze on his shirt. Make it part of your daily routine to inspect your clothes when you take them off and when they come out of the wash to make sure you don't miss a spot. Watch for yellow circles below the armpits, decrepit collars or cuffs. You may alike appetite to accumulate a stain stick in your board at work.

* Ill-fitting pants. Alike if you're abiding of your size, consistently try on pants afore affairs them, because altered brands accept altered lengths. Jeans can be beat to the basal of your heel, but your khakis or dress pants should end at the top of the heel. Accomplish abiding they don't acknowledge any beat as you walk-- or added than a brace of inches of beat back you sit. Too bound or too billowing won't cut it either.

* Ponytails. You're neither a astrologer nor a bedrock star. And alike if you were, accept it, doesn't Michael Bolton attending abundant bigger now that he's cut his hair? If you charge accumulate your bristles long, accomplish abiding it's accurate and apple-pie and doesn't abatement accomplished the abject of your neck.

* Novelty ties. It's accept to accurate your individuality through blush or pattern. But stick with the archetypal amplitude of about three-and-one-quarter inches and accomplish abiding the colors and patterns accompaniment the shirt you are wearing. Not make people scratch their heads and say, huh? And one more thing: When it comes to how a tie hangs, it should reach the top of your belt buckle and have a dimple in the center of the knot.

* Too much cologne. If you charge abrasion cologne, get a affection brand. And back the aforementioned cologne smells altered on anniversary person, accomplish abiding to analysis it out and get some opinions. Beware of bond too abounding smells at once. Remember, if you abrasion an anti-perspirant or aftershave, the scents can admix for an abhorrent effect. And don't be too advanced in your application. The safest bet is to abstain cutting cologne all calm and let the apple-pie aroma of soap do the talking

* Funky facial hair. If you're activity to do facial hair, do it right. Accumulate any mustache or bristles trimmed. Don't wear a soul patch (that little rectangle of unshaven hair beneath your lower lip) or uni-brow (try waxing or laser hair removal). If you're prone to stray nose or ear hairs, please invest in a special trimmer.

* Too much jewelry. A simple watch is all you need outside of a wedding band or class ring, if appropriate. Save the gold close chains, bracelets, pinky rings and facial piercings for afterwards hours.

And the best abhorrent abomination of all:

* Comb-overs. Draping or contrarily "arranging" those nine hairs on top of your arch into an busy comb-over doesn't absolutely assignment for Donald Trump. He alone gets abroad with it because he's the boss. If you are follicly-challenged, embrace it. Keep your hair cropped short, or shave it all a la Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi or Howie Mandel.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    nice content. But the writer would do well to remember that this is an article pertaining to grooming and not an 18th century masterpiece of literature.

  2. JW said...

    :) Point noted.
    Thought of putting some differentiation to this whole article.... :P

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