Man Fashion: Unshaven Styles

7:55 pm Contributed by JW

If you are admire the unshaven style and try to follow this man fashion style with unshaven look, then I suggest you think twice again. Alright, this is not suitable for every guy here, but it is in style if you can pull it off. The unshaven look.

I do admire the look on some guys, but I am not the biggest fan of it because if this is not maintain properly, this could turn out worst than what you expect. However, when done right, on the right face type and with proper grooming, it can lend a sense of mystery and “rough guy” look to even the nicest outfit - quite the lovely contrast.

So who can pull it off? If you are the guys with more square, or angular faces, this probably just perfect for you like George Michael. If you have a really strong jaw line, this will likely work for you. I would not suggest it for guys with overly round faces.

By the way, this is definitely not suitable if you are going for job interview or some office environments.

The Know-How

Simple, let your hair grow, but make sure it grows evenly, and keep it neat and clean. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and were too lazy to shave. You want to look like you made a determined effort to make a style statement. Here how to go about it, just get a beard trimmer with adjustable levels - similar to when you get your hair razored, another cheaper option get a comb and put it between the (ideally electric) razor and hair and just trim slightly to keep short.

The unshaven look still means you have to shave!

Sometime in order to achieve man fashion in style, you just require some efforts (not necessary money).

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