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When come to how men keep their money!there are only two options for men. You can either keep in your pocket (without wallet),or using wallet. Not anymore. Now, thanks to the latest fashion, men start to use money clips to keep their money!

So what are the advantages of Using Wallets for Men?

Hugo Boss California - Men's Wallet

Design - The most obvious advantage when you choose wallet is the various design to choose from. For example, consider the size, color, materials, and lastly design itself.

More "compartment" - Men wallets have undergone transitions throughout the years, evolving in appearance and features to make it more useful to men's current changing needs. Now, not only women, men's wallets can also store credit cards, photos, driver's license and other pertinent IDs, calling cards, and even small change, depending on the design of the wallet.

The Plus Points when Using Money Clips for Men

Easy Accessibility - There's no need for you to flip it open and close just to get your money. When you have to use your money, all you simply have to do is pull out appropriate bills from the clip.

Durability - No matter how much you sit on them, money clips ' because they're made of steel ' will never lose its shape or be prone to wear and tear.

Less Bump - What does this mean? men's wallets virtually bursting on the seams will create an unappealing bump on your back pocket, thus distorting your appearance from behind. As such, if you wish to make your wallet a seamless part of your pants, I suggest you use clips, which definitely decrease the "Bumpness".

So the choice is very much depend on the person's preference. If you having hard time choosing between both of them, why not consider buying both? After all, each of these men wallets or money clip will suit you in certain situation. The drawback is to make sure you know where you keep all your important cards or IDs and money.

Photo: Courtesy from SHOP.COM

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