How to Look For Your Perfect Fashion Dress Shoes?

3:28 pm Contributed by JW

Unlike women dress shoes, man shoes normally design with simplicity in mind. Hence, a pair of men fashion dress shoes normally will not out of fashion so quickly. Regardless, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind that will not only make your selection criteria easier but also help to insure that you get the right footwear.
  • Style and Fashion
The most important criteria during your selection process will be style and fashion of course. One obvious will be the color, the basics that every man should needs are the standard black and brown. Another color that you might want to consider is burgundy, which goes well with many different colors of khaki pants.

Within the dress shoe genre there are casual dress shoes that are really more like fancy moccasins and more elegant dress shoes made of elaborate exotic skins. Depend on what occasion and your dress code, you wouldn’t want to wear a casual dress shoes to attend a gala dinner at a 5 stars hotel ballroom. In short, your fashion dress shoes should be dressy depending upon what you wear with them and the occasion you are going to attend.

  • Durability
Men dress shoes details are the foundation in building and shaping the durability of dress shoes. It provides the comfort and firmness within that men are always sensitive about. So let go through some of the basic features.

Most men dress shoes are made of leather. It is important to know what constitutes good leather since this material covers about 80 – 90% of the dress shoe. Generally, base on layman’s sight and touch, we focus on a smooth with consistent fine grain on the leather for men fashion dress shoes details. The leather should feel rich and supple. Still it is difficult for any layman to assess the quality of leather unless you really know leather very well.

Hence, instead of trying to focus 100% on the leather itself, it should put some attention on the construction of the men fashion dress shoes such as lining, stitching, soles and heels.

Believe me, I would suggest you rather spend a little more money upfront for a good pair of shoes that will last several years than to pay $20 or $30 bucks for shoes that won't last one year or less.

  • Frequency
The frequency of shoes is going to be used is very important criteria in the selection process. Shoes that are worn infrequently don't necessarily need to be held to the same standards as those that are worn on a daily basis. For example, if you are wearing shoes that are only for seasonal formal occasions they might not necessary to be as comfortable or durable as if you were wearing them every day.

In other word, the biggest consideration in shoes that are worn daily should be support to give you comfort and prevent injury.

Lastly, whatever you choose be sure they are comfortable and durable so that they will feel good and last a long time.

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