Return on Investment from Fashion?

9:15 am Contributed by JW

Return on Investment (ROI) from Male Fashion? What's ROI got to do with Fashion? After years of follow all latest man fashion trends, and spent (or Invested??) quite substantial amounts of money in latest fashion products/goods!! This is the time to think about what returns Fashion can bring to you!! Return on Investment, in financial arena, mostly relates to dollar and cents! ie. How much payback you received when you put your money into Financial instruments, such as shares, property, bonds, trust funds etc, and this normally measure in certain time frame. But what is the payback for Fashion? Payback for Fashion The payback is not in tangible or monetary form, but in intangible manner. Invest in Fashion, what I think the 9 common returns you will get. 1. Image - Enhance your image to others, especially you are in Fashion industry, Sales and marketing works. 2. Presentation - How you show up in public, in workplace and peer group 3. Prestige - With certain famous brands, it definitely bring a higher prestige value 4. Self confident - To large group of people, being putting more trendy fashion is definitely help to boost up your self confident. 5. Power - With formal business attire, will definitely enhance the informal power/authority 6. Sexy - With proper matching of clothes and accessories, will definitely be sexy 7. Macho - You are definitely 8. Conform - To certain extend, some people are look for conform when they invest in clothing and accessories. 9. Health - while keep up with image, it also give you a healthy lifestyle. (For skincare and health supplements) So what are you looking for when you invest in Fashion?

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