Long Hair Style Return?

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For most of men, hairstyles are just as important as anything else that effects our looks, it is as important as what kind of shirt you wear, what belt to wear! Why ? The first thing anyone looks at on a person is their face; and that means their hair.

Long hair is a difficult style for men to wear. Men will often have thick, strong, waved or curly, and stubborn hair. When it starts to grow too long, instead of falling down it will twist and turn into a massive bush… undesirable to say the least. But to those that can pull it off they pull it off well and there are always products and tips a professional hair styler can help the envious with. Other long hairstyles also include dreads which aren’t uncommon and still fashionable, there is never anything wrong with honouring your roots.

Remember those cool styles rock stars used to wear? They were sported by the Rock and Metal legends and were obscenely long and wild. Those styles are now old and unnecessary, so if you find yourself with a similar cut, maybe you should consider a shorter hairstyle. Hey, if Bruce Dickinson did it, maybe you should too.

Brought popular by some sport superstar, movie stars, and popular singers, trend of short hairstyle for men have never turn back!! Down to the street, almost 80% of younger generation are adopt short hairstyle.

So there are how many type of short hairstyle you can wear?


The hair is cut to 1/8 inch all over the head. A perfect low-maintenance hair style.

Butch/Buzz cut

Hair is cut with clippers to a uniform length all over the head. A low maintenance style, which can suit thinning hair.

High and Tight

The sides are shaved completely free of hair. The top is generally cut in a short flat top, or buzzed to around 1/7 or ¼ inch. The high and tight is a fairly standard cut for US Marines.

Ivy League cut

The back and sides are cut short, about ¼ inch (similar to a crewcut). Over the crown, the hair is also cut quite short- the same length as the back and sides, or it may start to get a little longer. From the crown forward, the hair gets a little longer.

Medium Fade

The hair is shaved completely to the skin up the sides and back of the head and then tapered, blended or 'faded' into the length on top. No visible lines in this haircut when properly done. Among US Marines, this haircut would be called a Medium Reg (Regulation).

Low Fade

The hair is shaved to the skin around the bottom of the sides and back of the head and then tapered, blended or 'faded'into the length at the top. No visible lines in this haircut when properly done.

Crew Cut

The hair is cut short on the sides and back with the hair on top graduated in length from the front of the hairline to the back of the crown. The hair on top should conform to the general contour of the head.

So what hairstyle are you adopting?

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