How you wear in an interview?

8:00 pm Contributed by JW

Assume you have one interview appointment tomorrow and you have prepared yourself well for the occasion - anticipating the questions and getting ready the answers. However, have you given a thought to what you will wear? If you have not peeked into your wardrobe yet, it's time to take a real hard look now. Your application's fate depends not just on how well you answer the interview questions, but most importantly also on how well you project yourself physically, ie. “Hello” effect. The way a person dresses is the single biggest non-verbal communication you make about yourself.

The right dressing is a measure of the seriousness that you place on the position, as a person normally spends time on his looks if he considers an event important enough.

Although proper dressing by itself will not get you the job, but a poor dress sense definitely votes you out for further consideration, of course there will always be some exceptions. Besides, given two equally good applicants, the company may choose to hire the person who is dressed more professionally.

After go through the initial discussion, here come some tips to you to get started.

  • Long-sleeved shirt and dark slacks. White is still the safest and the best color for shirts. The colour is also appropriate for our tropical weather. Also acceptable: pale shades such as beige, blue, and other pastels. Tuck in the shirt and do not roll up the sleeves. Never wear a short-sleeved shirt to an interview or any business purpose. Wearing a short-sleeved shirt will destroy your executive image.
  • Ties. Choose a conservative pattern. Solids, small polka dots, diagonal stripes, small repeating shapes, subtle plaids and paisleys are all acceptable.
  • Belts. Belts should match your shoes. Those with smaller buckles with squared lines look more professional.
  • Shoe and Socks. Black Shoe and socks are the best or any dark color shoe and socks. Never wear white socks! Check your sock length, too--no skin should show when you sit down or cross your legs. Shoes. Black or burgundy leather shoes with laces on them, because tassel loafers are very casual. Other suitable colors are brown, cordovan and navy.
  • Hair. Keep neat, short and preferably parted on the side. And shave off all those facial hair.
  • Jewellery. Wear no or little jewellery. The watch and wedding ring are the only acceptable pieces of jewellery to go with the male attire. Thin gold or leather-strapped watches look professional but not digital watches. Also, avoid political or religious insignias, necklaces or bracelets. Definitely no pierced body parts and cover up your tattoos!
  • Accessories. As much as possible, use leather briefcases or folders to hold copies of your resume. Use narrow briefcases and avoid plastic folders and plastic ball pens as they are out of place.
  • Confident. The finishing part of the whole attire, be confident on your self and carry a good looking smile on your face.
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