Fashion Asia: Whats sexy in a man?

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Fashion Asia: Whats sexy in a man? Found a very interesting topic in this blog. What sexy in a man? What is the definition of sexy to guys?

According to Rekojuno from Yahoo! Anwers, definition of sexy differs from girl to girl. Different looks work for different guys. Some look great muscular, and others would look terrible that way but look incredible while slim. Mostly, the key is looking healthy. Really, most people are driven by instincts. Weird, but think about it, overweight people as well as too thin people are normally unattractive. Men like curves on women, which exists primarily for childbirth. Women like muscles because it shows that men are capable of taking care of them. But most likely, man just need to play up their natural traits and let women see their personality, confidence. That is sexy.

Others said “sexy man has to smell, walk, talk sexy (you just add in some imagination how to do all these). It's not just the face or the body it has to be everything. He is confident without being arrogant, he is strong without being vain, he's being sensitive without being soft”

So what are the traits that make man sexy? Here are some tips guys should watch out:-

1. Masculinity

What a woman first notices is his anatomical assets but what lingers in her mind is not all that. It's his inherent masculinity. Well, is this sound familiar? It's in the way he languidly struts across the room with a show of adequacy and grace and the way he flashes the glint in his eyes that ultimately creates the spark. This will include the way he talks and walks that attract women’s attention.

Being masculine does not always suggest a large build but just the right amount of muscle without overdoing it, tanned out sorta to trigger women's instinctive feelings of attraction.

2. Sense of Style and Fashion

Follow latest trend and style is what we called update. But you know what?

It's not the clothes that make a man sexy. It is actually how you bring up your apparel with confidence that does. Clothes don't tempt woman, it's you that makes those clothes look good in yourself that entice woman.

3. Eye contact

Also known as higher level of communication! A man who knows how to have eye contact is a man who knows how to communicate. They want men to listen and to take heed of the things they say, or in short, they need affirmation. So guys!! Now you know why you always got blame for nothing when you are so concentrated on your sport channel while your girlfriend or wife is talking to you. Eye contact also makes a woman feel sufficiently attended to and cared for.

4. Smile.

A simple sweet smile is one of the greatest attraction of a man. It will breaks a girl hidden resistance and also communicates hidden messages without any verbal language. This is why Tom Cruise, who is generous with his smile carried women-magnet profile!

5. Sensitivity

So how sensitivity relate to sexy? Sensitivity here means having a sense of empathy, confidentiality, gentlemen and trust rolled into one. Sensitivity is not finding solution when woman confides something, but rather share your ear to listen to what they express.

6. Sense of Humor

Sense of humour is the ability to experience humour, a quality which all people share, although the extent to which an individual will personally find something humorous depends on a host of absolute and relative

variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education, and context. it releases chemicals that create a sense of well-being, a man equipped with a good sense of humor automatically wins his points on the sexy scale with women. 7. Confidence

Confidence is always the must, otherwise, you will not have the chance to attract woman. Confidence not necessary about appeal of wealth or power and it does not mean arrogant, it should always be self-assurance and self-esteem, that attract woman.

So guys, what is your secret weapon you think that attract your girlfriends? wife and girl community at large, do share with me here..............

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Yes! you got the point, and to me, eyes contact is the most soulful, sincere and sexy in man. You can tell so much about a man by his eyes and the way he looks at you!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I like guys with attractive smile!

  3. Fashionasia said...

    hey...great answers! Finally a mans fashion blog! Thats just great!! :)

  4. JW said...

    Thanks! you have a great blog too!

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