Men Health: Why Good Trainer is so Important

2:22 pm Contributed by JW

Running shoes or trainers nowadays are stylish, comfortable, durable and protective of your feet, but it does make it a little harder to buy your perfect pair of shoes when there is a sea of shoes to choose from. So how can you be sure that you are putting out your hard earned money for a decent pair of running shoes? And why should you even bother? What is the importance of a good pair of trainers anyway?

Sadly, We have always thought that trainers are trainers; the difference seems to only ever be their vast difference in price. After all, what difference does it make by running in a typical cheap pair of shoes and one that costs more than 5 times its price? Running is still running, right? Wrong! So wrong!

In addition, it is not hard to see more than a few people wearing various types of sneakers ranging from football to basketball sneakers to a marathon run! These are the people that will suffer massive amounts of pain after the running exercise.
Different activities satisfy different needs as the biomechanics of these events is different. Good trainers are shoes that would not hurt your feet throughout any running exercise.

First of all, they can avoid blisters and other pains in the foot. If you are using a bad pair of trainers, coupled up with incorrect kind of socks, you would feel sore feet quickly. One of the biggest mistakes in picking socks is that most people go for cotton socks but they tend to cause friction against your skin.

Secondly, a good pair of trainers provides a snug fit to your foot as much as possible. It is also the reason why your foot feels lighter as you run. One of the problems you would encounter with a wrong pair of shoes during running is that you would have blisters. This comes from the friction of your heel against the wrong pair of shoes during running.

So in case you are looking for a new pair of trainers after coming to the end of this post, you might want to give the Nike Air Max 95 a chance. It is best known for being incredible lightweight that make you comfortable on feet and suitable for several sports, like running, climbing, rappelling and even daily walking. Alternately, you can find more Nike trainers at

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