Mens Hair Styles for Fall 2011

7:00 pm Contributed by JW

New hairstyles are a great way to change one's look. In today society, more and more men are putting more attention to their hairs and have a concept of attractiveness. Most of them feel that they are more attractive and confident with a trendy hairstyle that suit them. Lots of trendy hairstyles for men have come up in the market since then. Today, we would just share couple of hairstyles that we think will continue to be popular in this Fall.

The tousled look, that impish style is still in fashion as it was in spring, but remember to use a light gel and spread it thinly with your finger tips. You want your hair to be able to move naturally, even though, when you are out on the street you may be wearing a hat, which is this falls must have accessory if what we saw on the New York, Paris and Milan catwalks is an indicator.

Beards are in and they can be any style, goatees, or tapered like George Clooney’s, so that they look as though you could grow a longer, thicker beard if you so wished.  It gives you the academic look, so if you want to look smart, adopt Clooney’s style.

If you are receding at the temples, try the Jude Law look, and ask your hair dresser to cut your hair to an inch all over, including on the sides. Buy a hair product that allows your hair to move, a light gel is just right, and tousle it on top with your fingers.

The main idea is, whatever length you decide on for your hair, you should go for the natural look, and as the cold weather hits, you may want to give your face a break and cover it with hair just as you don a sweater as an extra body layer. Don’t get cold!

Lastly, the utmost important advise from us, before you decide on new hairstyle is to find a good men’s hair dresser and have your hair cut into a style, which suits the shape and size of your face. It’s worth paying extra to get a really good cut, at least at first, and then you usual hairdresser will get the idea and just follow the good cut you have had. Hairstyles for fall are short, with a longer length at the top, with your hair cut above your collar and with your ears on show.

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