Man Fashion: Men Fashion Trends for 2010

12:24 pm Contributed by JW

Fashion trends change every season, including in menswear. While it is untrue that clothes make the man, but a person attire do make significant difference to him, especially when it comes to putting together the right outfits for right occasions. The men fashion trends depend not only on the kind of social circle we belong to, but also on the environment we live in and the climate. But being fashionable does not mean that we have to buy all the designers' hottest items, that I mentioned previously in our blog.

From the simple polo shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets to jeans to suits, they are all there in every man's wardrobe, the only change in latest trends may only be few new funky colors and few statements. The trends change, but the basics always remain. So let look how we move on from here. The first step is to play with colors in your primary garments. For office wear, many men tend to choose black and white outfits, because these colors are simple, classic and "safe", but life is not about black and white.

Even though you insist on wearing black, you can add something else or other colors like navy blue, light gray an even purple. Besides wearing a suit or blazer, you can opt for cardigans, which have been popular for a few seasons. Pair a retro-style cardigan over a button-down shirt and tailored pants. For a more casual look, a polo shirt is the best choice, topping the list of shirts. Wear a polo shirt with jeans, or match it with zip-up or hooded jackets.
men fashion trends Jeans are the all-time favorite for just about everybody. One current trend among urban hipsters and young fashionist are skinny jeans, that I talked about previously. Man should walk out of comfort zone, and try out new colors, not only on clothing, but also shoes. try to get some outstanding colors shoes for casual occasions, One last thing is tote bags. You can always opt for a tote bag for casual occasions. Tote bags may be a rather new concept for most men because they're more similar to women's bags. But the fact is there are many manly tote bags now. So don't be shy about using one. The important thing is to use your creativity to mix up things to get what you want. And if you have yet to understand the current trend, just keep it simple.

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  1. fashion_icon said...

    Getting some nice t-shirt and jeans would probably makes out my outfit..I like those mens designers shirts with slick style and trendy...

  2. Anonymous said...

    ergänzend zu diesem Artikel habe ich in einem Blog von mir noch ein paar Mode Trends für 2010, vor allem für die deutschen Besucher;)

  3. Anonymous said...

    This is a great article on urban trends..Good read.I love the versatility and ever changing urban fashion for men. It creates great urban styles

  4. Unknown said...


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