Man Fashion: Dress Suits in Style

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Dress suits have been discussed in many ways here. Even then, there are still many areas that I have yet to explore. So today, I will touch on the fundamental of dress suit, such as fitness, color and style. Dress suits are the backbone of a mans wardrobe. They can be worn all year round for any kind of event, from the stiff and formal to ultra casual. With so many types of suits to choose from, it may be hard to figure out which style, color or even fabric is right for you. We will look at different ways to wear a suit and the proper venue for each one. Mens Dress Suit There are many things to consider when choosing a suit. Perfect fit is the most important factor, followed by color and style. Begin by learning the differences in suits. There are various styles and materials depending on whether it is a summer or winter suit. Being able to tell them apart will help you make the right choices so that you look appropriate wherever you are. Thankfully, wearing the proper suit for the proper occasion doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice personal style or individuality. You can appear consistently stylish at any given moment by following a few simple rules. The Tailored Suit Some occasions require professionalism and/or formality. In situations where nothing else will do, a tailored suit is essential. The custom fit will give you an air of sophistication that you may not achieve with other formal wear. It is important to make sure the jacket and the trousers are the proper length, as well as the fit through the shoulders. Stay away from shoulder pads unless you want to look like you just stepped out of a 1980s film. The finest (and most expensive) suits are made of wool, so if money is no object, that is the avenue for you. Mens Dress Suit The Suit And Denim Mixing a smart jacket with denim offers a classic yet relaxed look and is a great way to look suave yet classy. This is also a terrific way to express your personality without completely losing the formal look. You can try an ultra traditional Mayfair morning jacket made of natural and pure new wool and pair it with denim pants. For a perfect look, pair this ensemble with a stylish pair of boots. It is an effortless way to look your best and is great for the casual setting. The Suit And Color Many men feel they are trapped by the same black and navy suits. Do not be afraid of finding a suit with great color and contemporary flair. While a great pinstripe suit is the uniform of a good businessman, color can be used in a more fun, laid back way. The modern suit has greatly evolved from boring black into multiple colors and styles. Look for suits that have a bright colorful lining or a design on the jacket. White or beige suits can look great in the summer for just about any special occasion. The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to find a balance between fun and function with your suits is experimentation. You will figure out what is right for you by trying on different combination to see how they look. Keep in mind the function you are attending and dress accordingly. Remember, the sky is the limit in the choices, colors and styles that you can choose from so do not restrict yourself. Breaking tradition and step out in style will help you express your individuality like nothing else can!
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