Men Dates: What Shoes Have to Say about Men?

8:06 pm Contributed by JW

Guys, just wanna share something interesting with you today. I came across an interesting article on shoes, ie. How Men shoes Really Tell about His True Love Potential by Donna Sozio. She commented that the shoes a man wears and the way that he treats them are fail-safe indicators of not only his romantic personality, but also how he'll treat his woman. For some insight into what your shoes say about your true character and relationship style, check out Sozio's guide below:
If you're wearing alligator loafers… What would you naturally do if an alligator came towards you when you were on a date? Take that response and apply it to how you should approach this guy, says Sozio. "Alligators are opportunistic eaters; they crouch down until their victim isn't looking, and then they pounce, and so will a guy wearing alligator shoes," she warns. These guys are dangerous, so pay attention when you're with them, Sozio recommends. "Be on high alert around these guys," she advises. "Because they tend to be sneaky and secretive."

If you're wearing hiking boots… Sozio says that a man who wears Timberland hiking boots on a date when dinner — not an outdoorsy activity — is the type of person who wants to feel like he could be on a mountain in eight seconds if he wanted to, regardless of where he was. "This guy is someone who is impulsively adventurous, so he's looking for a woman who won't make him feel restrained," she explains. "As long as you don't make him feel tied down, he will be a loyal partner."

If you're wearing high-end designer shoes Guys who sport this season's Gucci driving moccasins and Prada boots may very well be what Sozio calls "collectors." "This type of guy not only collects name-brand shoes, but also name-brand, 'trophy'-esque women, too," she explains. Because these men likely see women as boast-worthy accessories and not real people, Sozio notes that they most likely won't spend the time or effort required for nurturing a relationship.  

If you're wearing men's sandals… Unless you live by the beach, Sozio remarks that a man who wears men's sandals — commonly referred to as "mandals" — is confused. "This guy is caught somewhere between being Mr. Laid-back Surfer Dude and Mr. Corporate America," she explains. "He wants to be open and free, but doesn't quite know how to do so." In many ways, this man is not where he wants to be, she says, so be careful of becoming his transitional or in-between girlfriend.

If you're wearing trendy sneakers… A man who rocks a colorful pair of Adidas is someone who prides himself on being well put-together, urban and cool, says Sozio. "Even if he pairs these sneakers with a blazer, this guy wants you to know he likes to keep things casual," she asserts. This man is a creative, independent thinker, which Sozio cautions may mean that he will be hard to pin down. "If you're interested in impressing this guy, create an atmosphere where he can be in a relationship with you, yet feel independent at the same time," she advises.  

If you're wearing suede bucks… When evaluating a man wearing these preppy classics, you must first consider his age. "These are 'old man' shoes," explains Sozio. "If a young guy is wearing them, it likely indicates that he's sort of an old guy at heart; he'll be somewhat conservative and perhaps a little stodgy, never deviating from what traditional society wants him to do." If he's an older man donning these reliable mainstays, however, this could be a simple sign that's he's a solid, dependable man who would make a loyal partner.

If you're wearing a worn-out pair of sneakers… A guy who shows up for a date wearing a disheveled pair of sneakers shows no respect for himself or you, Sozio says. "You have to wonder how a guy who doesn't care enough to present himself well at a first meeting will treat you as you continue to get to know him," she cautions. "Don't think this guy is simply trying to be casually cool—casually cool can come in the form of spiffy, well-maintained athletic shoes," she notes. "A man who picks you up wearing ratty footwear isn't interested in showing you his best or the respect you deserve." So you guys need to take note of this "serious" comment.

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  1. Theresa said...

    thanks for commenting
    loove the 3rd shoes!

  2. Couture Carrie said...

    Loooove this post! So true!


  3. MizzJ said...

    Interesting article, seems like most shoes indicate that the man is commitment-phobic! Perhaps a slight bias on the part of the author? ;)

  4. Terence Sambo said...

    Well cool article just for fun though..i cnt agree with it logically cos if we look into it ppl ve diff sorts of shoes and a shoe cnt really tell a man's r/ship habits no matter what he decides to wear for the first date :o)

  5. JW said...

    Ha! Terence,
    You're right too! But I can't deny some of her points too! Let see what other ladies have to say! :)

  6. Candidly Chris said...

    I felt as if this article didn't give us any direction for the "most ideal shoe" to wear on a date... any thoughts?

  7. Frank&Rémy said...

    Nice blog dude!

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  9. Anonymous said...

    All these 'what shoes say about the guy' articles say the same thing pretty much, and cover the same sort of shoes. What about canvas casual shoes like Converse, Kustom, Vans, (and skate shoes)? Heaps of people (both male and female) wear Chuck Taylors. Any opinion on those shoes?

  10. Source Outdoor said...

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