What are Men Fashion Shopping Tips for Recession?

8:51 pm Contributed by JW

When you turn on your TV, read your newspaper, eating in the restaurants, or walking along the streets, everyone is talking about the recession, not in the country but now has spread over to the world. I did a simple survey in the last one month, and within our expectation, people are more savvy (63%)when come to buying decision now, and another 28% have commented that depend on what item to buy. So I am sure everyone here don't like to sacrifice your men fashion style just because of recession. But at the same time, with same disposable income, you might also want to start your savings just for raining days if any. This will sounds like mission impossible to many of us. Today I am sharing with you my 5 simple tips on how can we achieve style with less, ie. clothing tips for recession.
  1. Develop Your Mini Shopping List. List down what you want to buy before shopping, this will help you focus on what to buy. Don't just because it looks great in a magazine mean it will look great on you. Be honest with yourself about your body. It will save you time and money.
  2. Create Your Shopping Account. Keep a portion of your monthly income to this special account, say 10% to 20%, depend on your comfort level. Only use the money in this special account for any purchase. The beauty is you can spend it all without affecting your normal saving.
  3. Use 75/25 Rule. In economy term, there is 80/20 rule, but in fashion world, make sure 75% of your closet should be classic pieces that hardly out of style, and remaining 25% should be trendy, and fun items.
  4. Enjoy Discount Vouchers. Often, you can find a great bargain during sales session or redeem discount vouchers offer by the shops.
  5. Leave Your Debit and Credit Card Alone. Paying with all these "plastic cards" are really scary because you will not know how much you have spent by end of the day. So, pay with your cash, at least it gives you an instant visual indication how much you've spent.
Lastly, similar on I have written in my earlier post, Return on Investment from Fashion, you should calculate the Cost Per Wear for any men clothing that you intend to buy. ie. the price of individual item divided by the number of times you think you will wear it. In short, the lower the cost per wear, then better it will be. So start implement these simple tips and enjoy your shopping without any worries now.
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