Man Fashion Tips: 5 Ways to Spot Fake Men Designer Clothing

5:17 pm Contributed by JW

In this modern world, anything once get famous, sure will attract imitation, the most common one that we faced is the men designer clothes. So I have gather 5 most common ways to spot the fake mens designer clothing for your reference.

1. All fake men designer clothing have low prices in comparison to genuine men designer clothing. So before buying, browse around and see the normal prices for men designer clothing. Nevertheless, there are some great bargin over the years, for mens men designer clothing, so the best is to check their site before buying, either be on store or online. For example, the sites show the base price of Prada, Calvin Klein, Guess, DKNY jeans, Armani Jeans and many other products.

2. If you happen to buy men designer clothing from a website, check the contact details and the terms & conditions. It is now a legal requirement for all websites to have full contact details (Address, Telephone, Email etc…). If there are no contact details just a form to fill in be cautious as they may be hard to trace if you are unsatisfied with your goods.

3. Once of the biggest giveaways of fake men designer clothing is the material of the product. Nearly all fake men designer clothing is cheaply made using low cost and inferior materials in comparison to genuine men designer clothing. If possible examine the garment and if buying on line look in detail at large photographs of the product. Fake men designer clothing the stitching is normally of poor quality and details such as the brand name on labels will be missing. Look closely at the fine details.

4. The majority of fake men designer clothing is imported from cheap mass production countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam (mostly Asia). Try and buy directly from countries like US and European countries. Likewise if you buy online, try to avoid those sellers from these countries.

5. Check with the seller if you have the chance. Some of the website do provide contact details. E-mail directly to the store owner, they will be able to advise you sometimes.

Be a smart consumer today, it is never be too late to return your products if you find is your up to your expectation. (Most website or stores do provide return policy, check before you buy).

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