Men fashion accessories: Essential Guide for Backpack

12:09 am Contributed by JW

Do you have your favorite backpack where you bring along whenever you travel? Finding the right backpack is not easy, the price can range from US$30 to US$500 and above for a quality and branded one. So if you don't have one but intend to get one or you are consider to get renew your backpack, you may need to consider several factors before deciding on a particular backpack. Worthiness of a backpack depends on its performance during the particular use you intend it for. Selecting the wrong backpack can cause lot of inconvenience including a sore back and feet.

Before deciding to buy a backpack, you should be able to clearly specify its use. Daypacks, assault packs, and full packs are the major categories in backpacks.

Daypacks are intended for small trips, where the weight will be minimal. Assault packs are used mostly during weekend trips and for activities like mountain climbing. The weight-holding capacity of this type of backpack is greater. Full packs are used for longer trips, and their weight-holding capacities are greater than the other types.

The use of a frame in the backpack distributes weight efficiently. The frame can either be external or internal. The most popular of the frames is the internal frame, as it allows the weight to be carried closer to the body, thus ensuring balance. External frames are ideal for carrying heavy weights. When you buy a backpack with a frame, make sure that it matches with the length of your torso. The torso length ranges between fourteen and twenty-one inches. Most full packs have frames but they may not be found in daypacks and assault packs. The selection of the backpack should also be based on your frame.

If you are intending to buy a daypack or assault pack that is frameless, then it is better to go for one with wide shoulder straps. The straps that are wide at the shoulder and become narrower help to distribute the weight equally. This type of strap is popularly known as a "cobra cut." A waist belt keeps the bag intact and prevents it from beating on your back. Sternum straps found in some daypacks help to keep the shoulder straps intact. This strap is ideal for men, but women may find it uncomfortable.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    God I haven't had a backpack since I was a school boy. I think they're pretty aweful - unless your hiking.

  2. JW said...

    Ha Ha... it really look awful if you with your business attire. But then, you might want to take a look at those trendy backpack, I bet you that these are definitely different from school days.... :)

    Man Fashion

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