How to Choose Your Fashion Eyewear?

12:21 am Contributed by JW

I have talked about sunglasses and contact lenses in my previous post. But I think it is fair to go one step further to discuss on eyewear, particularly how to choose your perfect eyeglasses.

With so many styles of eyewear and eyeglasses to choose from how are you possibly to know which ones will look best over your eyes? With today’s fashion savvy designers, glasses come in every style possibly imaginable. From rimless, to cat eye, round, to square, and from brands like Gucci, to Prada, to Calvin Klein, how are you to choose the perfect match?

There are many things to consider overall, the first being: do you want an eyeglass frame that will be subtle and practically unnoticeable and blend with your complexion? Or would you prefer something a little bolder to accentuate your features?

Rimless or frameless eyeglasses have become a very popular choice. They are lightweight, simple, and fashionable. When selecting your pair you may have options regarding metal frame color, hinge style, and lens shape.

Framed eyewear has two main families; plastic or zyl, and metal frames. When choosing your frame, know what general color or shade you will want. For example, glasses come in matte finishes, shades such as tortoise, and practically everything in between.

On to the most important part of selecting your eyewear: matching the correct shape eyeglass frame to your face. There are many rules you can follow, let’s look at the most simple to understand and apply.

Take a look in the mirror and focus on the area above your eyes. What shape do your brow bones and eyebrows create? This area may look very oval, round, flat, curved inward, curved outward, etc.. The point is that this feature is unique to you.

The next time you are looking at eyeglasses, try to match the top of the eyeglasses (the upper edge of the lenses and frames) with the shape of your brow. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that most any frame you select using this method will fit you quite nicely. Using this method you will take the mystery out of, and make selecting your next pair of eyeglass or reading glasses frames much more fun.

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